GMaps.js - the easiest way to use Google Maps

GMaps.js - the easiest way to use Google Maps:


Google Maps is extremely powerful, but using the JavaScript API can be a bit complex at times. That is exactly the problem that @HPNeo is trying to solve with GMaps.

There are a few requirements: jQuery and the Google Maps API. Just make sure you add all three JavaScript libraries to your page and you will be good to go:

Adding a basic map is very easy:

new GMap({ div: "#map", lat: 39.905588, lng: -75.16644, zoom: 20 // (Optional: defaults to 15) });

They also have support for markers, geolocation, geocoding, and more.

The project could use some documentation help, so I would encourage you to fork the repository and get involved!

Checkout the examples or browse the source at GitHub

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