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15 great HTML5 and CSS3 generators

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BBC News - LA airport TSA security screeners 'ran drug-ring'

Pentagon's Mach 20 Jet Failed After Its Skin Ripped Off

Make Your Own Buttermilk with Milk and Lemon Juice or Vinegar [Food Hacks]

University of Florida Eliminates Computer Science Department, Increases Athletic Budgets. Hmm. - Forbes

No Clue: Man Wearing Sealed Fishbowl w/ Fish On Head

So, one should never mix up the SLEEP command from BASH and use it in their Apple Script program...

Oh You Know, Just A Giant Spider Eating A Snake | Geekologie

Is asteroid mining about to begin?

USA TODAY: The Band's Levon Helm dies at age 71

"Forget Instagram’s billion-dollar payday. Forget IPOs, past and future, from Facebook, Groupon,..."

Clean and Detail Your Own Car to Save Money [Cars]

Still one of the best album covers of all time.

Things You Might Have Seen If Darth Vader Was A Good Father

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New hardcore BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible shown in New York

CSS Sprites Revisited

CSS Scroll Effects

Ikea furniture with integrated TVs and sound systems coming this fall

Rasberry Pi ships at last

Thailand hosts the world's biggest water-fight - the Songkran Festival

Privacy News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo

Almost there! WCSX logo looks good!

Almost there! WCSX logo looks good! (Taken with instagram)

Someone explain Ruby to me, please?

Hands-on: getting work done with Google's new Aura interface for Chrome OS

'Space Quest' creators reunite for new space adventure game

Kickstrap: Bootstrap Enhanced

My new lappy cover on Flickr.

Giant Intelligent Dinosaurs Could Rule Other Planets

How to Hide the Notification Badges for Settings, App Store, and Cydia on Your iOS Home Screen [Annoyances]

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Happy High Five Thursday!