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The Jeep Wrangler blows its lid with Ursa Minor pop-top camper

France's Minitel shutting down after 30 years

Google releases Chrome for iOS

Am I the only one that believes that the only productive way to read Lifehacker is RSS?

Reading an eBook for dummies about Web Design:

Principles of User Interface Design


Look At The Conflicts That Have And Will Be Caused By Oil [Presentation] - Business Insider

Facebook Plans to Speed Up its iPhone App -


rockingelevator: admin panel design

8 useful on page SEO tips

ashleyrhodendesign: why would you EVER think the text on your...


Intro to Git for Web Designers

thisistheverge: Bloomberg confirms Google announcing $199...

Food Storage Guidelines, Food Storage Chart, How To Store Foods, Shelf Life of Food, Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Chart, Food Storage Procedure

Jeff Bezos Taught Me When to Quit [Jobs]

Apple releases Podcasts iOS app

Prose - A content editor for GitHub

@GitHub's secret: Let everyone work asynchronously (video)

kateoplis: Jeremy Bitterman

Boss: Chris, I am going to need you to go up the tower and...

builtwithbootstrap: BareGit Simple and elegant European Git...

onethingwell: Brackets is a new open source text editor with an...

preppeller: My favourite hotkey which I use all day long…...


HTML5: How to Use and Tags

Using TextMate 2's rmate with Sublime Text 2

How to Silence Your Noisy Computer (and Keep It Cool as a Cucumber) [Video]

Using Twitter Bootstrap

IFTTT / Yammer Channel

BMW M5 - “Bullet” - High Performance Art (by...

preppeller: Just in case you were wondering what the...


olivegreenwithenvy: Retro Radio I love retro radios from the...

You Look Ridiculous: Jeans With Clear Pocket For Phone

Microsoft’s developer problem

This Is What Happens When You Dump Trash In A Volcano

Ubuntu Builder Lets You Build Your Own Customized Linux Distribution [Customization]

Data transmission speed of 2.56 Tb/s achieved by twisting beams of light


cnet: Google’s impossibly clever doodle celebrates the 100th...

HorizontalNav: jQuery Plugin to Make Horizontal Navigation Go Full Width

40 Best FREE Business Card Templates in PSD File Format

Snap Converter

realityiswr0ng: “Toy Eiffel Tower” by Mohamed Khalil El...

towardsanarchitecture: Frank Lloyd Wright during the...

micasaessucasa: Tiny house in Portland Love this house,...

ecr80: #2 (Taken with Instagram at Mango’s Ocean Park) Hot day...

reidfultz: RHETT AND LINK!!! YES This makes me giggle like a...

Sign-Up Forms Design Examples for your Inspiration

New Foundation 3.0 Playground Release: Off-Canvas Layouts

HTG Explains: The Linux Directory Structure Explained

MINI Clubvan concept gets production nod with three models due out later this year

How can I use Thee, Expedit, Let Me Count the Ways...

Does this say “Summertime,” or what?!?!

Vi in the Cloud

parislemon: Innovation. (via @JoeTierney)

It costs just $1.36 to charge an iPad for a year

Seven Things I Learned While Making an iPad Web App

Building Web Applications from Scratch with Laravel

Colors of Summer: Summertime Photography and Color Palettes

staff: Tumblr for iPhone 3.0: Now available on the App...


Chiarostudio: 5 Great Resources for Web Design Students and Young Professionals

Ricing the Tumblr Buttons

tonykatai: travel

Kim: I want you to know just how amazing I am...I just dealt with a bunch of spiders in the basement...there was only was sookie stack house scream :P

Favorite scene in the movie!

All day err day!

builtwithbootstrap: Pushover A new mobile notification service...

That is all… Piddle Poo, dum dums.


Kirby – Kirby 1.1.0 Panel 0.8

How much do I love infografs? Much.

10pointstojessie: This is Boyfriend watching Supernatural. We...

The amazing powers of CSS - HTML5Rocks Updates

fr3aksh0ww: #look at this motherfucking bird #it’s keeping...

With Bento update, lack of App Store upgrades is front-and-center again

Create a Website using UI Packs (PSD to HTML) – Day 3

Create a Website using UI Packs (PSD to HTML) – Day 2

Smart TV alliance formed in attempt to forestall another format war

Create a Website using UI Packs (PSD to HTML) – Day 1

IFTTT launches Belkin WeMo Switch and Motion integration, site redesign

dearlybelovedareyoulistening: GET ME THIS!

How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys (by...

グラスハープ ハリーポッター HarryPotter (by murayu74)


Way nice!

IFTTT Blog - The New IFTTT

quenquen: What’s your Mobile Strategy?

Aston Martin revives the Vanquish nameplate

Build Your Own Sturdy, Good-Looking Standing Desk for Less Than $25 [DIY]

Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with Ubuntu [How To]

Hello Blog: Bad Ideas: A Web Design Story

So true… and I don’t even have a dog.