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Taking the pludge… learning Ruby/ROR. Sigh. I am not sure how much room I have left up there...

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samantha-carter-is-my-muse: Teal’c telling a Jaffa joke in...

Reblog if you have ever started watching a show because you saw so much of it on your dash.

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stanleychowillustration: Merry Christmas Fool!!

ifttt / Pocket channel

IFTTT / New item tagged trigger on the Pocket channel

IFTTT / Any new item trigger on the Pocket channel

IFTTT / New favorite item trigger on the Pocket channel

IFTTT / blink(1) Channel

thingm :: an electronic product studio: blink(1)

Easily Set Any Image As A Folder’s Icon Using Plaster For Mac

Dependency Injection in PHP

IFTTT / Boxoh Package Tracking Channel

Voyager 1 spacecraft reaches 'magnetic highway' at the outer edge of the solar system