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Kodiak PHP: The only iPad app with offline code execution

IFTTT / Channel

GIMP - Downloads

The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban - I Love this...

LastPass Premium: Treat Yourself To The Best Password Management Ever [Rewards]

Learn Everything About Your Computer Specifications With Free, Portable CPU-Z

Astro camera mount designed to make time-lapse photography easy and affordable

"Real-life tricorder" to be tested on International Space Station


ifttt / tumblr channel

Sneeoosh Cabin exists harmoniously with nature on the Puget Sound shoreline

So, all in all True Blood Season 5 was much better than the last 2 seasons. Not great… but not...

Harvard geneticist stores 70 billion copies of his book in DNA!/JQk6lu3fWml

Is it just me or should EVERYONE have a friend named Peso? You know that friend halfway a good guy...

kimbuckland: Yum Yes please. I’ll have two. Thanks.

Seattle Coffee Gear!/ItsPaid

Star Trek - Picard “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” Clips (by...

7 Fake World Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter

What You Need to Know About Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

salvadorzombie: Salvador Zombie

YouTube Brings Its Skippable Video Ads To Mobile

Use the old Windows Boot Manager on a Windows 8 dual boot system!/CreditUniontime

GAWD! I L.O.V.E. me some Rally!!!! WRC FTW!

Clopen - the invisible drawer hidden in a floating shelf

What’s new for designers, August 2012

askbush: Happy National Radio Day

Vagrant: What, Why, and How

Private Eye is a free network monitor for Mac.


broadcastarchive-umd: Courtesy NPR on Facebook. Happy Radio...

Grab your 25 Gigabytes of online storage right now

You can’t block Facebook using Windows 8′s hosts file

Why I’m No Longer Buying Games On Steam [Opinion]

The Top 5 Amazing Uses For Your Raspberry Pi Computer

New MPEG Standard Format Will Halve Video File Sizes And Maintain Quality [Updates]

Service Trigger Editor Allows You To Add Custom Events For Background Processes


Meet Ridiculously Photogenic Syrian Rebel!/Astrogun

Holy Crap! Ellen DeGeneres looks like Henry David Thoreau....

Here's How Apple Is Telling Cable Companies It Will Make Apple TV Work - Business Insider!/stacystevens

makin5: ふたりでぺろっ #bathtime #ferret #petstagram #instaferret...!/dotRadio

Oh Gabe…!/XanderDavisLive

HTML5 Gang Sign

CSS Comb

Making a multiplayer 3rd-person shooter in HTML5

Principles of User Interface Design

kimbuckland: Truth. LOL.

ecr80: Best Cover band in the world. I LOVE this band. Natural...

Display Windows 8 App sizes

49 stunning examples of letterpress printing

Metro UI CSS

ActivePresenter Is Probably The Best Free Screencast Tool Out There

AirMovie: Stream Videos From PC To iPhone Over Wi-Fi/3G Without Encoding

Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day trial version

Yes, Apple Is In Discussions With Cable Operators, And Everyone Has Known This For Months!/Tweedmagazin!/kauf

Dad Mods Son's Power Wheels Into Zoom-Zoom Cart

HP Spins Off webOS Into A Brand New Company Called Gram; Mission Unknown

Review: Izzonet, a feature-rich e-commerce platform

Turning an old Apple mouse into a modern Bluetooth mouse

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet won’t retail for $199

Science Off the Sphere: Yo-Yos in Space


parislemon: gerundme: Best one I’ve seen yet. This.

How to use Multibeast 5: a comprehensive guide for Mountain Lion

INFOGRAPHIC: Going BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Auto-Resize Images Without Shrinking The Main Subject!/WRIFJade

Let's make Dean in gym shorts the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.

The Broadcast Spectrum

allansheppard: My Future!/EtonCorporation!/KwkkQDwBDo!/travelmoretoday

So what is a torrent exactly?

UnoTelly Allows Streaming Of BBC Olympics Coverage Worldwide For Free [Updates]

roomofcute: Kikkerland Dynamo Solar and Crank Emergency Radio,...

Richard Meddings On U.S. Regulators: 'You F*cking Americans. Who Are You To Tell Us, The Rest Of The World That We're Not Going To Deal With Iranians?'

JPMorgan Chase Libor Subpoenas Coming From Everybody In The World

Why does this picture make me laugh so much?



If you're not playing Glitch and you'd like to:


Icon Fonts

"The great thing about RSS is that no-one controls it — you can’t buy it, block it or ban it. It..."

Santambrogio glass house not for shy, retiring types

Ouya goes integration-crazy: adds OnLive, XBMC and TuneIn!/PaymentsNewview

ifttt / Flickr channel

IFTTT / Sunrise trigger on the Weather channel

IFTTT / New loved track trigger on the channel

IFTTT / New scrobbled track trigger on the channel

IFTTT / Sunset trigger on the Weather channel

IFTTT / New photo by specific user trigger on the Instagram channel!/birdman_paul

Talk About AppleCare: Store Genius Rescues Kidnapped Woman | Cult of Mac

So funny!!!! Boats by Francis Higgins // some boats in a race

CandyBar Goes Free, Heads To The Iconfactory!/Lydiadzo

Change The Notification Center Background In OS X Mountain Lion [Tip]!/EjUBmqPfx7!/reeoocom

Reeoo | web design inspiration and web design gallery

msnNOW - That Headline is My Jam | Facebook

Piecon - Pie Chart favicons!

Those Who Hold the Passwords Hold all the Power [Humorous Image]

Secure Your Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive With BoxCryptor [Giveaway]



minimalmac: Love it. Available at Engineer Brand